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Our History

For almost 50 years Kim Brothers have been teaching traditional Ji Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do in the Metro Atlanta area. Grandmaster Doohan Kim along with his brothers Grandmaster Jonghan & Grandmaster Sanghan Kim founded the first Kim Brothers Tae Kwon Do School in 1970. The brothers focused on teaching traditional Ji Do Kwan but added a unique modern day twist. For years their following grew as well as the Korean-American art. By the 1980s Kim Brothers owned and operated more than 18 Metro Atlanta Tae Kwon Do Schools with thousands of students statewide. In 1999 Kim Brothers founded the first Martial Arts after school program in Atlanta. This allowed children to learn Tae Kwon Do in an educational and safe after school environment. Kim Brothers still have schools across Metro Atlanta and will humbly continue to teach traditional Tae Kwon Do to all ages!

Our History: About Us
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